A global perspective

As young people advocating for our rights in Europe, we cannot ignore what is happening in other parts of the world. Where young people are also mobilised for their rights, where a global agenda is defined, where we can learn from other’s experience, we have to get involved. Regional and international cooperation is the only way for us as young people to weigh at global level. It’s also a way to rethink the way partnerships are built, based on mutual knowledge and respect.

In the coming months, we’ll have to monitor closely several processes (post 2015 agenda, UN permanent co-decision youth forum) to ensure youth participation and the dissemination of a right based approach to youth at global level.
One specific process not directly related to youth will also be for us the opportunity to advocate for a change of perspective. Indeed the COP21, when Kyoto’s agreement is to be renewed will be our chance to make it about more than climate change and to show how a necessary transition is part of the answer to many problems young people are facing.

At European level, we need to develop even more the cooperation with the CoE especially through the advisory council on youth. Partnerships and common advocacy work can be enhanced.

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