Strengthening our platform

Our platform has grown to become the only relevant platform advocating for youth rights at European level. For this to continue developing, we must reinforce ourselves internally and towards our partners and institutions.

For the European Youth Forum to be strong and efficient, we need strong and sustainable member organisations. Actions of capacity building are a key element for our platform and we have to make as easy as possible the sharing of best practices and multilateral partnerships. Strengthening further the cross-pilar cooperation is, in this matter, a work to be continued.

Reinforcing ourselves also means enhancing the mode of governance, the circulation of information, and the way member organisations, board and secretariat collaborate together.

To keep on being considered a relevant and competent actor, we have to develop evidence based policy research, continue on carrying out quality projects and be exemplary on what we advocate for (from quality internships/jobs to integrity, transparency, and multilateral cooperation).

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