Good Governance Manifesto for the YFJ


I support the manifesto for good governance. To know more, read this

The organisations and individuals who commit to support “Good Governance for the YFJ” do so with the firm belief  that  a  Board  which  effectively  governs  the  European  Youth  Forum  through  strong  and  clear  vision, integrity and focus can lead the YFJ to achieve its fullest potential. They also believe the individuals and team that make up the Board should aim to continuously learn and develop during their mandates, thus contributing to greater Board effectiveness.


Commitments for Good Governance

The member organisations and candidates for the Board of the YFJ who sign up to the Commitments for Good Governance do so with the intention to do their utmost to support and uphold them. 


The Board will focus on delivering impact that best meets the needs of YFJ Member Organisations.
All members of the YFJ Board will:

  • Have basic knowledge of all member organisations.
  • Be proactive in developing and maintaining close relationships with their group of contact MOs.


The Board and its members will behave with integrity.
The Board will develop internal policies that ensure the Board will:

  • act according to high ethical standards
  • identify, understand and manage conflicts of interest
  • maintain independence when taking decisions


The Board will embody the youth work value of education by being a learning organisation.

  • The  Board  will  strive  to  constantly  develop  themselves  as  a  team,  specifically  in  the  areas  of governance and leadership
  • The Board and the Secretariat will ensure a transition of high quality, e.g. by offering training to the incoming board members
  • The  Board  will  review  its  output  and  team  performance  and  set  goals  for  improvement  which  are systematically reviewed and updated
  • The Board will share the progress about its internal development and learning with MOs


The Board will show unity and speak with one voice.

  • The Board will have lively debate and exchanges different opinions, but will act as a team with a clear and common direction outside of board meetings
  • All Board members will act as a team defend common decisions taken by the Board
  • The Board shares the rationale behind board decisions


The Board will provide good governance and leadership.

  • The Board and the Secretary General will clearly define their roles  and responsibilities by taking into consideration the division of strategic and operational decisions and actions
  • The Board and the Secretary General will agree upon the way of cooperation regarding their respective responsibilities
  • The Board will monitor and regularly evaluate the division of work and decision making 



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